Getting or not getting the hair extension is a difficult decision to make. People who want to have long hair but their hair are naturally not growing the way they should, add extensions to their hair to give the desired look. It is not a time taking a job. In just a few hours the things can absolutely change. A maximum of 20 inches can be added to the hair that is the dream comes true for many people. The age of extension varies from type to type. Generally, the maximum period the extensions would stay is spread over months. If you get bored or you want to get the extensions replaced you can easily remove them. Removing the extensions is not a painful procedure. 

If you have never used the extensions before, then the first question that would come in your mind regarding the extensions would be that whether you should use extensions or not? The right answer to the question comes from the understanding of the good and the bad things about the hair extensions:

Why should I get the extensions?

  1. The extension makes the thin hair look full of body and life. The people who are born with oily hair find it really difficult to have an impressive look. The extensions can help in adding the glamour to the lifeless strands of hair. Some people often have hair that is too flat. These people even don’t dare to try the backcombing thing because it is not the solution as well. In all these the hair extensions can do the real miracle.
  2. The extension can stay for several months. The average age of high-quality extensions is 4 months. In this time they hardly lose their shine and glamour. The extensions can be improved after some time if you feel that they are losing the lustre and the look. Proper regular care is a must for the extensions to stay the way they looked on the first day.
  3. For people of style, there is an option of getting the extensions in different colours. These extensions are available in all kinds of shades and hues to match your style and needs.

Why should I not get the extensions?

  1. Regular maintenance and proper care is a must for the hair extensions. It makes the extensions something really expensive. Some of the extensions like the clip-on hair extensions cannot be kept under normal conditions. It requires specialized storage conditions.
  2. People with vigilant eyes can easily identify the use of extensions. If they are not chosen properly they can be really unimpressive as they would look absolutely different from the natural hair. Hence, the user would not get the right look for which he is thinking.
  3. Extended use of extensions is not recommended for the health of the natural hair. If the extensions are not removed after the suggested time the natural hair starts looking weaker and thinner.

These are some of the essential points that can help in deciding about the decision of getting the great lengths hair extensions before the next special moment coming closer.