This is the world where everyone knows that they have to die at one point, it could be a death caused by an accident or it could be a death caused by some kind of disease. Our life is so unpredictable; we do not know what is going to happen at the very next second. Imagine if you are walking on the footpath and a truck loses its control and strike you, it can also cause death, this is why we are never aware of what is going to happen next in our life because this is how the life is. But if accidents are happening on the road, accident often occur on the road it is not a new or rare thing, people will not start sitting at their homes because of the accidents, it is a part of our life and life is all about risk.

Rules are made to follow, they are made under the supervision of experts that are very qualified in the particular field, and they have enough experience and sense to make some rules which perfectly avoid accidents. Traffic rules are often disobeyed by most of the people and this is the worst mistake they ever do, imagine if you are going to cross a red light because you cannot wait until the green light appears and someone from the intersection having their signal open, then it may cause an accident and you both will be in a great trouble, you will also have to face the legal actions as well.

Most of the people are not aware of the traffic rules; this is why to instruct them, it is also necessary to provide instruction boards and guidance to them so that they can follow the rules. These signs are very beneficial for a driver, for an instance, if you are going on highway and there is u-turn ahead, you want to take u-turn but you cannot drive the car slow because if you do so, the car behind might hit you from the back, this is why solar flashing road markers are fixed in such a way that it shows that you have got u-turn ahead, it reflects your light so that you can see them from far only.

Moreover, there is PVC traffic cones placed on the roads which indicate the person that they are not allowed to go there because there might be construction going on, they are also placed when the road is damaged, it works as an indicator for a person.

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