On moving to wellington, the first question that is likely to come to your mind is regarding the accommodation. Where to live and which accommodation to choose for residing, are the two major questions that could keep coming to your mind. The new entrant in the town is confused by the plethora of options available in the city. There are mansions, apartments and several other types of residential spaces readily available for renting or purchasing. The people with smaller families or the short term stay usually prefer moving into the Wellington accommodation apartments. There are different types to choose from. Some of the most preferred kinds of apartments are as follows:

  1. Studio apartment is a compact, limited space apartment with just one room. Along with one room it has a kitchen and a bathroom. The studio apartments are further classified into alcove and convertible studio.
  2. Alcove studio is not much different from the basic type of the studio. The room is separated with the help of an L-shaped partition. In this the user can have an apparently larger space and gives more privacy for personal usage like sleeping.
  3. Convertible studio as the name indicates can be transformed into any kind of space. This is a big enough space in which a wall is erected to make a proper bedroom for the personal usage.
  4. Convertible flex apartment is large enough to be transformed into a bedroom. It is called flex because it allows flexibility. It has a large bedroom that can be further divided and split into more rooms. If you are renting out the flex then you might not be able to create a dry wall or you would have to pay additional cost to the owner for making the transformation.
  5. Loft is a spacious kind of apartment that is known for the high ceilings. They are actually the part of the residential apartments that are created in the commercial buildings.
  6. Duplex and triplet are the multilevel apartments. They have two or three levels of settlement respectively. In these cases the top floors are used for the bedrooms. They are similar to but little advanced than the studios.
  7. Garden apartment is not at higher levels. The entrance to these ground level apartments is usually from the backyard. They are situated on the ground floor. If the garden apartments are neither on the ground level nor on the basement then they are not a great choice. They are not very secure and safe. They can be infected by the pests of different kinds very easily.
  8. Railroad apartments or the straight floor plans are part of the small and old buildings. There are interconnected rooms usually three or four in number. All these are arranged in a row in the hallway. It gives a kind of rectangular shape to the entire space. The bedroom is located on one side of the room or in the centre.