What is an engagement proposal? 

When you like someone and choose to get married, you offer her to marry you and put a ring in her finger is an engagement proposal. The purpose of this proposal is to get confirmation and acceptance of marriage. If she accepts the proposal, both wear the ring given by each other as a symbol of commitment to the marriage. It is a period between marriage and wedding proposal, and the link is said to be engaged.

What do you say in an engagement proposal? 

You must need to use emotional sentences and words to inspire your beloved one. Use the words that she deserves and waiting to hear such as I love you and has dreams of you, I want to spend my whole life with you, will you marry me? 

How to plan a distinct engagement proposal? 

you can plan personally as well as with the help of some engagement proposal ideas and planner. these are some tips to plan an engagement proposal: 

  • Arrange a special engagement ring.
  • Prepare a surprise for her. 
  • Arrange a suitable place. 
  • Plan for some memorable moments. 
  • Plan about the discussion. 
  • Arrange some music and flowers. 
  • Create an emotional and romantic environment. 
  • Make some special things that she is waiting for. 
  • Realize her a special one as she is expecting. 
  • Make some promises and talk expressively. 
  • Meet with all her expectations. 
  • Try to avoid harsh words. 
  • Establish a timeframe and share some photos. 
  • Tell your partner about your liking, disliking and expectations. 
  • Choose a place on heights at an eminent location. 
  • Propose in a well dedicative way. 
  • Offer her for some dance. 

What an engagement proposal planner does? 

You cannot do it all by yourself, to make your proposal accepted you need some experience and professional engagement, good proposal planner. Many industries nowadays providing their services in this regard for helping you to find the best match for you. They make your proposal easier and memorable. They provide all the accessories that you need to make your proposal successful. They arrange a place, time, music, flower, best location and rings as well as an impressive and special way to propose her privately and in the family. They also organize a meeting with your partners as well as with families to make the proposal easy and successful. 

Suggestions for best engagement proposals ideas. 

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