worldwide study was conducted in the year of the 2015 and it was found out in this study that the south Korea is among the top countries in the entire world where highest number of surgeries are related to the cosmetical surgeries. This has revealed to the world that the beauty standards in the Korea is the most important part of their culture. Due to these beauty standard the Korean cosmetics manufacturer companies focus on producing the products that help in getting a slim figure, little face, sharp features, straight and thick eyebrows with the big eyes, the skin must be flawless and must be radiant. Although all these beauty standards have made people this much conscious about that many people go for the surgeries to get a similar look. Although these standards have been popularized by the various celebrities and the stars in the Korea and therefore, many people want to look like them. There are a number of japanese store in Melbourne as well.  

Is pressure of culture has made the Korean cosmetics and surgeries this much popular? 

Although there are many Korean cosmetics online and in stores as well which would help you achieve the similar kind of the results as you would have through the surgery but obviously these are temporary. This has been observed in the Korea in the year of 2008 that almost 20 percent of the entire population of the girls in the Korea opt for cosmetical surgery. Although the other surveys conducted in the latest years have also showed that more and more women are going for many kinds of surgeries which would help them in achieving a certain kind of look. When these women were asked about it then it was found out that these women consider themselves less beautiful than the girls of other countries and all these products and surgeries help them in gaining more confidence. 

What are the products of the Korean cosmetics? 

Every year the amount of the exported cosmetics in the Korea is increasing and the most famous products in the Korean cosmetics is the Balms, various kind of creams and serums along with the scrubs and face masks made from the sea weeds. You can buy Korean cosmetics online as well as from any cosmetic shop as well. These are not just available in the Korea but these are also exported around the world therefore, there are many Korean shops in other countries as well from which you can buy these products. The US have been importing these products from the Korea and the most famous product of these is the Korean BB cream which made the market of around 164 million dollars in the year of the 2014. korean-cosmetic.jpg