No society can exist without the rule of law. If the law will not be abided by people in society then the life of people will end in anarchy and chaos. The law is important to keep balance in society and justice is the only tool to maintain that balance. Now the way our societies have been designed, the law system works with the help of lawyers. The lawyers are hired to help to represent common people in the court of law. They also ensure the right of common people remain protected and helps others to understand the law.

As the way, the law is written is not simple for a common person to understand and lawyers help to interpret it. Our society harmony is critically dependent on the role of lawyers in it. The lawyers played a fundamental role to break many taboos in our lives and societies. They aid people to understand their rights and lawfully make their rights accepted to everyone. But this is not all, the more elaborative roles played by lawyers in our lives is as follows;

Preservation of Law

The lawyers from Maliganis Edwards Johnson have a very thankless job, whenever they take up any case, they have to ensure that the principle of justice shouldn’t be disturbed or challenged. While following their case, they have to craft convincing statements for their clients. That case should be in line with law technicalities and to the fair rights for their clients. This helps to prevail the justice while preserving the foundation of law. Only the good lawyer can see the thin line between these two dilemmas and enable to fight for the right. As if everyone starts fighting their case in court without the in-depth information of the law’s complexity and comprehension. No one will be able to get the justice which will be acceptable as per social and legal norms. Because from one’s perspective, everybody thinks of itself as just but in the eye of the law, all people should be treated equally and should be provided with the opportunity to justify their actions.

Social responsibility

Implementation and execution of the law is the social responsibility of the lawyer. They ensure that justice should be done and people who have done wrong must be penalized. This is the only thing which has helped our society to survive otherwise injustice is the root of every evil. Lawyers always try to interpret the law, so one can understand their limitation and right. This will educate the people about their limits and behaviour that should keep them under the rule of law. This social service cannot be ignored because this has helped to shape our lives and harmony, that we are enjoying today.

Fight for Inequality

History has proven that lawyers were always in the front row whenever there is a fight for inequality. As they are knowledgeable about the law, so they can help people to fight for their rights by remaining in the legal boundaries. There have been many cases and decisions in the history which have created acceptance for a different set of people in our society. Behind all these paradigm shiting moments, there was a lawyer.