We all love to design and decorate our homes to suit our tastes and preferences. However, sometimes it can go South if we fail to put two and two together. Ever noticed how some homes look beautiful inside but the exterior is a cry for help? Well, that is what we are talking about. To help you avoid such disasters we have put together this simple article. Here are some great porch ideas to match with your home and give it the ultimate makeover.


Adding a swing to your porch can bring it a gorgeous look. Swing porches have become very popular and is in high demand. It is both fun, a great piece of furniture and will add a great beauty. Rather than opting for the typical porch chairs opt for this exciting piece. There are plenty of swings that you can choose from. If you are worrying about the sun or the rain make sure you add some great awnings that matches the porch. In addition, you can add some decor to the swing by throwing in some pillows. Imagine enjoying that summer breeze with a cup of tea while swinging in your porch.

Touch of nature

Another great idea to lighten up your porch is adding some greenery and old wood. You can add some flower pots, hanging plants or some large plants to bring in that lush greenery. Adding some wooden chairs or wooden floors to match that will bring a very eco-friendly look to the whole home. To connect the porch with the interior of your home you can add some plantation shutters Central Coast. It will lighten up inside as well.

Dining space

Constantly hosting get-togethers, meetups, parties, brunches and so? Then this idea is for you. If you have a spacious porch turn it into a place where you can host small groups. A dining set, perhaps a vintage one, might bring in a great look. Also, when hosting events the outdoor area will be the perfect backdrop. The sound of nature and the subtle wind will be absolutely breathtaking. You will be able to enjoy all that while you sip your tea and have some cake.

These are just some simple but great ideas for your porch. Always make sure you opt for something that goes hand in hand with your home. Bring in the best look possible with some great porch decors. Your home will end up looking more fab.