This is not a libelous fact that smartphone can be braked, it can have any sort of technical fault as well. When there are some problem occurs in a smart phone the only thing an owner thinks he can do is to take the smartphones back to the place where he have bought this to get it repaired. Some people buy their cellphone as a second owner, so their device doesn’t own any kind of guarantee due to which they have to take their phone to the phone repair shop, and this means to pay allot. 

To send the android phone for repairing will take days. Moreover, this process may take even months depending on the fault your cellphone has. However, it will be very frustrating and inconvenient for the owner to deal with all this fatigue. If you are able to repair cell phone at your own not only save you from all this hectic procedure and waiting but you can also start up your business of phone repair Christchurch in your local area as well.

Mobile Repairing Tool selection

When it comes to the selection of tool for mobile repairing, you must choose excellent quality Tools even if they cost a little more. Do not buy shoddy tools or equipment because later on they will be very difficult to handle when you begin with mobile repairing.

It is my personal experience that when you have comfortable and non-itching tools, then mobile repairing process becomes very fast and snug. I’m personally training mobile repairing technology to my students for more than 10 years and I always advise them to choose the best tool you can.

Soldering iron

 A soldering iron is used to solder small components of android mobile including

  • Capacitor
  • Diode
  • Transistor 
  • Resister 
  • Regulator
  • Microphone
  • Display 

A 50-watt soldering iron is more than enough to do mobile repairing work. One of my students got burnt buy his own soldering iron, so keep in mind soma things before buying it that

  • It should be easy to hold
  • It does not burn your hand or other body parts

Printed circuit Board Stand

Soldering is one-time process and to do de-soldering is such a fatigue. It is better or you can say mandatory to have a PCB stand in your tool kit. PCB Stand is used to hold printed circuit board during soldering. It holds the printed circuit board tightly and strongly during repairing. This will minimize the risk of imprecise soldering.


Although not so important tool but to work professionally it is advised to place an antistatic mat on the table before starting mobile repairing. It is available in multiple colors that will attract you towards work and secondly. Moreover, it will save you from any damage caused by static current.


A microscope or Magnifier must be a part of your tool kit for mobile repairing. If you have eyesight problem. It will help you to figure out faults in micro components of mobile and will also help you to repair those part correctly.