Sending your child to school can be a worrying experience for you as a parent. Many parents are worried whether their child can cope with the stress of leaving home for the first time. You may be worried that your child is not ready for school. This is especially true of working parents, as they may find it difficult to take care of their child and have a full time job at the same time. Fortunately, there are many childcare centres that specialize in the early development of children and provide a comfortable environment for children so that you do not have to be worried about your child during work. Childcare in Chatswood often function as preschools as well and they incorporate many learning activities into their syllabus. This gives younger children an introduction to what they will experience at school so they are more prepared when the first day of school arrives.  

Day-care centres are often suitable for children between the ages of 3-12. A good childcare centre will be run by trained staff who know how to incorporate learning activities along with play to help children learn better. Many children may find it difficult to cope with school if they have not attended a preschool. Childcare centres have a fixed routine and make time for both learning and play, to provide a balanced environment for the child. The child is also exposed to other adults, so their confidence levels grow during this period. This is essential for when they will be going to school. Many children who attended preschool are usually more engaged in the learning activities at school. They are also more likely to ask questions and participate in discussions because of the interactions that they had in preschool.  

Daycare in Lane Cove also teach children many important skills that are essential for their development. They learn how to live with a fixed schedule, how to interact with the teachers and how to interact with their peers. In short, they learn how to be good students. Childcare is also a great way to help your child develop a sociable personality. Children often interact with other children of their age at childcare, which helps them develop social skills required at school. Lastly, sending your child to a good childcare centre is beneficial for you as well. Parents feel more relaxed that their child is in a good developmental program. Once you see the benefits in your child, such as increased confidence, you’ll understand that the interactions that they get at childcare are priceless. However, before sending your child to a childcare centre, try and look for one that offers a complete program where the educators have mostly positive interactions with the children.