Whether you are planning a short corporate trip or planning a long holiday with your friends or family, hotel reservations is that one particular thing that should be pre-booked in order to enjoy your trip smoothly. Choosing the hotel is an essential part for many, even if you are not looking for a lavish place to stay at, a hotel in Manly is still important as at the end of the day one needs to go somewhere to relax and continue for the next morning. In order to make your reservation, make sure you are not ignoring the below things. 

Location A lot of bookings are made through online websites which means that the location stated may not be very clear. What usually happens is that it may seem something while in actual, the location seems to be a complete opposite of what you perceived earlier. So, in order to avoid such situation, one should make sure that the hotels location is exactly what you expected it to be. 

Reviews Don’t be impressed by the pictures and facilities they state on website only. Make sure when you are booking a hotel for your trip, you are going through the reviews stated on website and other online forums which will give you an idea about the services offered by the hotel and whether it is worth it to make a booking or not.  

Breakfast Most hotels offer breakfast as an inclusion in your hotel costs, however, with this facility most of us feel that all hotels have this facility but in actual, it’s not. So before making a reservation, make sure you are asking them whether they offer breakfast or not so you can plan up accordingly. Of course, we all look for options that will provide us with value and free breakfast is one of those things which is often demanded by many. 

Direct Booking Do not find an intermediary that will lead you to a hotel reservation, in fact, it is highly recommended that you directly book the hotel not only to enjoy the benefits but also if any mishap occurs, the Manly serviced apartments is directly responsible for it.  

Ask Make sure you are asking as many questions as you want if you are concerned regarding the hotel facilities and their services and if any packages you need to know of. You may also ask for some special requirements if you have any in order to make your experience memorable.  

Rates Most hotels have different packages and rooms that have different rates. If you feel that they are not according to your budget, you may always ask them for a better rate. That is when they will guide you of more information and different rates which may be something you would be interested in.